Key Features in Business Card Designs and their Branding Effects

During the first ten seconds of your introduction, your potential client is trying to build up a lasting impression about you and your brand. It is a known fact that you can only get a single moment to make a positive initial impression to a person, especially a client. The only ace upon your sleeve now to divert your prospect’s attention from an awkward conversation or anything negative is a unique and exquisite business card design.

Here are some key features to follow for a better and high quality business card design for desired positive effects:

• Confirm that the images you will be printing and using on the card are at least 300dpi quality.

• Rather than RGB, it’s a better idea to work in a CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) subtractive color mode to reduce the amount of light reflected by the paper. See more at 名刺 デザイン かっこいい

• Avoid the use of any borders on the design that might end up lopsided.

• To develop a professional image, keep the color scheme complementary and consistent in the card and throughout all your media platforms like websites, Twitter, email signature, etc. See more at ビスタプリント


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