Immigration Lawyers: Protecting Yourself From Deportation


In a study made by Passel and Cohn in late 2014, they stated that Mexico is one of the largest contributors when it comes to immigrants. Around 28 percent of immigrants in the United States alone have listed Mexico as their birth country. However, a huge percentage of this is deemed by the US government as illegal aliens. In order to protect an immigrant’s right for equal job opportunity, immigration lawyers can help.

What do they do?

Immigration lawyers will give you legal counsel on what to do when the Immigration Bureau classifies you as an illegal immigrant. They also help people renew their visas if they’re having a hard time doing so. When a criminal or administrative case is filed against you, you can also seek their help. Lastly, their ultimate goal is to prevent the client from being booted back to their home country.

What are the advantages?

One major advantage when you have the right lawyer is that the chance that you end up losing your job will be less, to none. Another advantage is that you get to sleep at night peacefully because you know you got a backup plan.

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